Wakakirri 2021

by Aug 20, 2021

On Thursday 12th of August, 19 Grange Primary students from grade 6 and 7 took to the stage at the 2021 Wakakirri performing arts event. 

With this year’s signature item being ‘Monkey’, teacher Ashley Pett, along with her enthusiastic performers, decided their message to be “Monkey See, Monkey Do…Be The Change”. Their performance was centred around the deforestation due palm oil production, and consequently the habitat loss of our endangered orangutans. Using the phrase “monkey see, monkey do”, they explored the idea of being conscious consumers rather than buying what everyone else is buying. Expressing how important it is to read labels and make good choices to protect our orangutans and also our world. 

The carefully selected music combined with Ashley’s amazing choreography resulted in the students bringing home some outstanding awards:

  • Best Individual Costume 
  • Spirit of Wakakirri 
  • Global Awareness Story Award 

Congratulations to all involved and thank you so much to Ashley for her outstanding work and guidance through the whole process.