SAPSASA Swimming State day and District day

by May 16, 2022

Grange Primary School was exceptionally well represented on Monday 9th May for State SAPSASA Swimming at Marion Swimming Centre. As part of the Western Districts team, Grange had 7 swimmers participating; Airlie Gates, Zara Newmarch, Sasha Moore, Sienna Pearce, Patrick Toivonen, Jimmy Toivonen and Hudson Tuckfield. Grange is very proud of the way the students participated and supported their team. The Western District team won the overall competition and several of our students accepted on behalf of the team.

All of our Grange swimmers gave their best effort. We were impressed with their results and their determination. All swimmers achieved personal best times. 

Congratulations to Zara Newmarch (medals in 50 Free, 50 Back and Relay), Jimmy Toivonen (medals in 50 Back, 50 Free and Relay), Hudson Tuckfield (medals in 50 Back, 50 Free and Relay), Airlie Gates (medal in Relay) and Sienna Pearce (medal in Relay), 

At the Western Trials, on 30th March, our Grange swimmers also excelled winning the District competition. 

Grange Primary School was represented by Airlie Gates, Zara Newmarch, Finlay McGoldrich, Sasha Moore, Hamish Pitman, Sienna Pearce, Harper Schell-McGillivray, Lilee- Schell-McGillivray, Patrick Toivonen, Jimmy Toivonen, Hudson Tuckfield and Benjamin Worrall.

Thank you to the parents who took on timekeeping duties at Largs, Immanuel and at Marion. Your support was very much appreciated.

Congratulations swimmers on doing such a great job.

Jane Semmens