2022 Sir Oliphant Science Award winners

by Nov 4, 2022

The Oliphant Science Awards is an annually held competition for South Australian school students from Reception to Year 12 to develop their interest in science through a science based competition with a range of categories to suit a wide variety of abilities and interests. Learning science encourages students to develop a range of skills such as observation, prediction and communication as well as expanding their knowledge within and between the diverse domains of science. This competition is completed by students at home with limited support from family members. 

In 2022, 106 schools took part with 2,879 students and 2,249 projects submitted to the competition.

The awards night was held at Brighton Secondary College on Friday 21 October.

Prizes won by Grange at the awards night

The school won 2 school prizes:

  • CSIRO education prize. In the Sir Oliphant competition, the prize is for consistently high achievement and participation in the Scientific Inquiry and Models and Inventions categories. This award was accepted by Isaac Powell on behalf of the school.
  • The Catholic Education prize-Sponsored by – Catholic Education SA. Awarded to two primary schools that have the highest number of winning entries. We had the second highest number of winning entries of all primary schools that entered. This award was accepted by Massimo Andonas on behalf of the school.

Prizes won by students on the nightCongratulations to the following students for their outstanding entries:

  • Department for Education Young Scientists Award- awarded to the top performing students in the primary competition: Chloe Zuo and Hanyue Li.
  • First prize in Scientific Inquiry Year 3-4:¬†Chloe Zuo and Hanyue Li.
  • Second prize in Crystal Investigation Year 3-4: Maxim Gretchkosiy and Isaac Powell.
  • First prize in Games Year 3-4: Massimo Andonas.
  • Second prize in Models and Inventions Year 5-6: Max Blairs.
  • Third prize in Models and Inventions Year 5-6: Sienna Hughes and Zac Dib.

Well done to all students who participated in the 2022 competition and a very big congratulations to the above winners, the amount of effort that was put into all entries were outstanding.


Susan Wilson