PMA winners

by Dec 7, 2022

The results are in from the Primary Mathematics Association (PMA) Challenge and we are extremely proud to announce all 7 Grange Primary entries have been awarded as State Winners.

  • Reception- Not Another Maths Problem (Sarah and Toni)
  • Year 1- Recycling Warriors (Sarah and Caroline)
  • Year 2- Fractions in our World (Irene)
  • Year 3- Grange Car Wash (Chanel)
  • Year 4- Maths in the Games (Tom)
  • Year 5- Grange School Garden (Jasmine and Mary)
  • Year 6- Using Directions and Co-ordinates to Navigate Through Real World Problems.(Daniel)

The children worked on real life problematic situations and used mathematical strategies to solve them.

Congratulations to everyone on their outstanding achievements. Thank you to Maureen Hegarty in leading mathematics learning for us all and to Chris Philbrook for leading the use of technologies as a tool for learning.

Photos to follow soon.