Please support Grange Primary School by voting for our proposal of installing a new playground at the front of the school on Jetty Street. This playground at the entrance to Out of School Ours Care (OSHC) is used continuously by the school, OSHC and out of hours by our community. It is now in need of replacement.

To vote simply follow this link:

Voting ends Monday 20th November 2017 at 5:00pm

Voting begins on Wednesday 18 October

To be eligible to vote, you will need to Log In or Register for a YourSAy account. You must also be 18 years or over to vote in Fund My Neighbourhood and live in South Australia.

You will get to vote once in Round One, and you can choose the projects that you think will improve your neighbourhood and provide great benefits across your local community.

The information about our proposal is below- please encourage, share on Facebook, with your networks, your extended families and friends to vote for the Fund My Neighbourhood – Grange Primary School Jetty Street Playground Upgrade. Those with the most votes will be then funded.


Project details

School playground upgrade for school community and visiting community children

Suggested by Debra

Sponsored by Grange Primary School


Open space, sport and recreation



The current Primary School playground is in urgent need of an upgrade, as a result of wear and tear, since it’s installation 25 years ago. The play area is utilised by the school community children (approximately over 700 students on school enrolment) and also is utilised by Grange Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) service (approximately 111 students). The play area is also accessed by local community children after normal working hours, at weekends and during school holidays. It will improve our neighbourhood by providing a safe space for the children to use for recreational purposes.

Thank you for your support.