Traditionally the Grange Primary School Games/Sports Day has been held in term 4 of the school year. This year it was scheduled on the school planner to occur on Friday 3 November.

Last year I received significant feedback from parents and staff expressing concerns about holding this major event when the weather is warmer and the day can be quite hot. Addressing this very real concern Games/Sports Day will now be held this term, term 3 on Friday the 1st of September. Many other schools have made similar decisions to provide the best environment on this important day. While there are no guarantees of what the weather will be like on the day, we do know that the day is much more likely to not be a hot day.

By moving the day to term 3, week 6, Friday, 01/09/2017 it also brings other benefits in that

  • some of the events can be used as a selection process for student participation at District Carnival day which is held in term 3, week 8
  • it moves the day out of a crowded and busy term 4

We have also followed up on other parent and staff feedback and we will not be selling soft drinks on the day, as has happened in the past, just water. The health and wellbeing of our students, parents, friends, community and staff is of utmost importance and has informed and directed these decisions, as we believe the School needs to model best practice.

So to summarise,

Games/Sports Day will now be held this term, term 3 on Friday the 1st of September.

 We wanted to pass on this information to you as soon as we had made this decision, as we know Games/Sports Day is a highly regarded and well attended event by our families and friends. Thank you for your support in this matter and in the provision of the very best learning environment for our students.