Our teachers are committed and supported to improve learning outcomes and well-being for all students through ensuring that:

  • The class and school learning environments are safe, supportive and productive
  • The teaching and learning environment engages students and promotes independence, interdependence and self-motivation
  • Students’ needs, backgrounds, perspectives and interests are considered and supported in the learning program
  • Students are challenged and supported to develop deeper levels of thinking, understanding and application
  • Teachers have knowledge and deep understanding of the curriculum
  • Teachers are committed to developing quality pedagogy supported by high expectations
  • Quality Assessment practices are an integral tool in the teaching and learning process
  • Learning connects strongly with the wider community

Staff contact list

Senior leadership

Last name First name Position Email address
Small Grant Principal


John Senior leader
Warren Nick Senior leader
Fiedler Carmen Senior leader

Grange senior leadership team

Grant Small

Grant Small


It is my privilege to lead Grange Primary School as its Principal. This is the seventh year I have been Principal at Grange.

Prior to Grange I have been Principal at three other schools:

  • Swallowcliffe Preschool-7 (Davoren Park)
  • Elizabeth Vale Preschool-9
  • Open Access College R-10 School of Distance Education

I have worked in diverse school and regional roles in leading curriculum initiatives, particularly in English and Mathematics. In the year prior to Grange I was the Statewide leader for Mathematics and Numeracy and spent time as Director of Literacy and Numeracy.

Through these differing roles I have been able to build a bank of expertise, networks and understandings of leading learning preschool to year 10. This adds much value to my work as Principal at Grange PS.

Another component of my role this year is to chair the Western Adelaide Shores Partnership of 8 preschools, 8 primary schools and 2 secondary schools. This builds on my role over the previous few years where I chaired the partnership primary network of sites.

I was nominated by my Education Director to participate in the week long professional learning leadership program conducted by the Harvard School of Education from the USA. Over 120 principals attended this program in Sydney with those attending identified as the leaders with the potential and ability to share this back in their local networks and partnerships.

My role as Principal and my years of experience allow me to lead and support the outstanding work of our leaders, teachers, support staff, students and community of Grange Primary School.

Carmen Fiedler

Carmen Fiedler

Senior Leader Reception to Year 2 and Literacy

As Senior Leader of Reception to year 2, my role is to foster and nurture the learning and engagement of our early years’ students. Building positive relationships between families and school plays a key role in my position. I coordinate the transition from Pre-school into Primary School and I work along-side our local Kindergartens to ensure our children and families feel supported in this journey.

My role as Literacy Coordinator supports the implementation of our Site Improvement Plan goals for literacy; To improve student achievement in reading and writing. I work along-side our Literacy Coach and lead teachers to build the expertise of our staff in these areas.

I oversee our students with additional needs and literacy-based intervention programs. This includes engaging Student Support Services, seeking Inclusive Education Support Program funding and the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data.

Nick Warren

Nick Warren

Senior Leader Year 3 and 4 and Learning Engagement

As Senior Leader of year 3 and 4 and Learner Engagement, I work with students and teachers to support learning engagement across the curriculum.

Engaging each and every learner at Grange Primary School takes into account many crucial aspects. It begins with the relationship with the student and the family and listening and responding to the needs of the student whilst living our School Values. I work hard to promote safe learning conditions for rigorous learning to support the best possible learning outcomes for each student. I encourage all staff to role model that they are lifelong learners and to strive to be better with everything that they do as professionals. Connecting learning to students lives and encouraging them to discover that it is equally important to know how they learn, as well as, what they learn.

John Mastropaolo

John Mastropaolo

Senior Leader Year 5 to 6 and STEM

As Senior Leader of STEM and years 5 to 6, I have the privilege of working with Teachers, SSOs and Students to raise the profile of science, technology, engineering and mathematics at Grange Primary School. I am passionate about bringing technology into the classroom and have been heavily involved in developing the use of BYOD iPads across the school.

I work with Maureen Hegarty (Maths Coach) to oversee math learning across the school site. I coordinate intervention programs and work with groups of students in the Thinking Mathematically program to develop high order thinking in mathematics. I facilitate the administration of ICAS and Australian Mathematics competitions and the Progressive Achievement Tests (PAT).

As the Senior Leader of the upper years I support students in their transition to high school.

Maureen Hegarty

Maureen Hegarty

Mathematics Coach

As Mathematics Coach at Grange, 2 days a week and as a Mathematics consultant on the other days I am privileged to work with both students and staff F-10 throughout South Australia and in particular at Grange.

I am passionate about developing a love of mathematics and encouraging students to work like a mathematician. I have been a teacher for many years and have taught in primary, secondary and tertiary sites.

My role at Grange Primary is to work with staff to develop best practice in Mathematics education as well as with students to encourage a love for mathematics. I work closely with Chris
Philbrook (Senior Leader STEM) to develop school-based Mathematics programs.

Rebecca Lokan

Rebecca Lokan

Literacy Coach Reception to Year 2

As Literacy Coach for Reception to year 3 teachers. I work with teachers to support effective teaching and learning practices in reading and writing. I have had the opportunity to work in
leadership roles across sites in South Australia which has culminated in my work here at Grange Primary School.

I am passionate about working with junior primary students and teachers to develop oral language, phonemic awareness and writing skills. I work with an enthusiastic skilled team of teachers whose core business is to improve learning for every student.

I work 2 days a week in classes, planning and programming with teachers and providing professional development.

Lesley Peters

Lesley Peters

Literacy Coach Year 3 to 6

As Literacy Coach for years 3 to 6, I coach, mentor and support teachers to implement high quality pedagogy into their teaching practice. I facilitate professional learning in literacy and
in particular reading and writing embedding whole school Literacy learning expectations.

I am particularly passionate about helping children discover a love of reading and have a high interest in developing teacher skills around Guided Reading and Literature Circles
Pedagogy. I enjoy supporting teachers to teach writing through Writers Notebooks, Bookmaking and the Seven Steps of Writing Success.

I work closely with the Literacy Coordinator, Carmen Fiedler and R – 3 Literacy Coach Rebecca Lokan, to plan quality professional development around literacy and to engage and
inform the school community about quality literacy pedagogy, practices and school programs such as Book Week and Brightpath.

When I’m not coaching, you can find me working closely with the EALD students here at Grange.

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