Australian Mathematics Competition results

by Sep 28, 2020

The Australian Mathematics Competition is an annual competition where students solve 30 challenging maths questions within a given time. Students are awarded points for solving questions and as the difficulty of questions increases so do the number of points awarded. The competition is held across the world with more than 30 countries competing. Students from South-East Asia, the Pacific, Europe, Africa and the Middle East all compete for different levels of awards.

Students are given different awards for the number of correct responses.

These are:
Prize, High Distinction, Distinction, Credit, Proficiency, Participation

High Distinction
Dominic Panayiotou

Max Blairs
Samuel Lawrence
Max Smith
Shamika Gorey
Isaac Lacquiere (High school test)Credit
Brodie Benfield
Sylvia Carroll
Manan Kaushik
Oliver Eylander
Jake Benfield
Cadence Murdoch
Ethan Lacquiere
Daniel Keany

Lia Carroll
Amber Murdoch
Ollie Bolton
James Carroll