Reception excursion to Marine Discovery Centre

by Jun 25, 2021

In week 8, all reception students experienced their very first school excursion. The excitement was building at the start of the week and finally the day had arrived!

This is Miss Toni’s class recount of their experience:

We arrived at the Marine Discovery centre and had an introduction from our host Georgie. We then had our fruit on the deck. Next, we walked to the beach to go ‘Beachcombing,’ which is searching for all different things on the beach. A highlight was finding a shorthead worm eel, something the Marine Discovery Centre had never seen on Henley Beach before. We then walked back to the centre to have lunch and a play on the nature playground, which was amazing. In the afternoon we went inside to learn about different sea creatures, go on the VR, listen to an Aboriginal Man play the digeridoo and find out why we should keep our waters clean. We had the best day!!

Well done to the reception students on a successful day out.