Engineering at Grange Primary

by Nov 28, 2021

This term the students in Margaret Abela and Skye Baldwin’s class had been given the task to become the engineers of Grange Primary school. The task was to invent solutions to life’s unsolved problems. This project had them thinking about how these common issues come about and how they can create a product to fix them, to make our lives so much easier. They each conducted consumer surveys to show if the product was worth the investment and useful for their everyday life. Some wonderful inventions were, a quick and easy way to dry the dog, bedding that wouldn’t fall off, a tooth brush that works in half the time… Come on who wouldn’t want that?!!! and many, many more wonderful ideas.

The students gained an insight into engineering, consumer production as well as the marketing process. They each worked extremely hard and showed great pride in their product.

Well done and what a way to finish 2021 strong!