School fees for the following year are issued in December to enable parents as much time as possible to budget for payment. These are made up of a Materials and Service fee, swimming and excursion fees.

A composite fee is charged: it is used, together with DECD grants, to provide your child with text books, educational materials, apparatus and equipment in all subjects during the course of study at the school. Stationery and duplicating materials are provided throughout the year. Excursions and either Swimming or Aquatics are also covered by these fees.

Parents in financial difficulty may apply to have school fees paid by the Government: enquiries can may be made at the front office. School fees may be paid in two instalments or by other arrangements with the front office. Parents are asked to pay fees the week prior to school commencing.

Parents now have many ways in which to pay school fees. By Visa and Mastercard (either in person or over the phone), EPOS, cheque or cash at the front office. Online payments via BPOINT (QKR), Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), or setting up at direct debit ongoing payment are also now available.



BPOINT one off payment processing for the School is here. Please see the link below.

To make a school payment via BPOINT – click here.

How to make a payment

1. Enter your family ID, family name, invoice number and amount to be paid. If you do not have an invoice number, please enter a description of what you are paying. Your family ID can be found on the left side of your invoice.

2. Click the payment option you would like to use.

3. Enter your card number, expiry date and CVN verification code. (on the back of your card)

4. Click “proceed”

5. After a few seconds your receipt will be shown. You can print or email it if you would like a copy.


Parents/Caregiver are able to authorise our school to process ongoing payments to pay school fees and invoices under a payment plan. These can be scheduled weekly, fornightly, monthly or by term on the payment type. Please call the front office if you require assistance


You can make payments to the school via EFT. Please see our invoice pack for the new Commonwealth Bank account number or email for more information. Please make sure that either an invoice number, family code, name and description is entered to allow us to match your payment.


If you believe you are eligible for School Card you will need to fill out a form EVERY year. Please see below for Forms A or B.  Further information can be found on the DECD School Card Website.


Fees Info

2018 School Fees Notice (F-7)

Instalment Plan

Invoice Agreement

School Card – Form A

School Card – Form B

School Card Info