Elvis and his new home.

by Apr 30, 2021

Many families will remember Pauline McAuliffe’s classroom pet tortoise, Elvis. Some of you may have even welcomed him into your home for the weekend or school holidays. 

At the end of last year, it was time for Pauline to find Elvis a forever home and luckily Pauline found him the best home a little tortoise could ask for.

Elvis now resides in the beautiful Riverland with new owners Jill, Shane and K9 pals Angus and Meg. His brand new tank is filled with super cool friends including 2 yabbies, 6 shrimps, 3 tiny feeder fish, 3 small goldfish and a baby carp.

Elvis has been a part of the Grange Primary School community for 10 years and was loved by many of our wonderful families. I’m sure no-one is surprised to hear that his personality has won over a few more hearts.