Mayoral Make-a-Book achievements

by Aug 19, 2022

We are very proud to announce, Grange Primary School has achieved fantastic results in the Mayoral Make-a-Book Literacy Challenge this year as more than half of the winners are students at Grange!

The following students from your school are winners for the Mayoral Make-A-Book Literacy Challenge 2022;

Hope Martinovic

Milla White

Olivia Hutchinson

Chloe Zuo

Mahli Massie

Cameron Pearce

Olivia Brice

Maddison Hocking

Tass Cook

Lilia Butavicious

Kate Jones

Giovanni Larritt

Emily Kirkwood

Felipe Docampo

Mack Pitman

Lila Dryden

Sienna Pearce

Lewis Grant

Evie Martin

Maddison Deen

Laila Climas

Ruby Phillips

Max Hocking

Metahan Nazli

Well done to all who participated this year and congratulations to the above winners.

Grant Small